This a totally free standing piece made of fur.  Fluidity and movement provide this unique piece something special.


This piece of wood was from a trip to visit family in Salem, Mass.  The wood was aged from a trimmed tree.  After scrutinizing the piece, it resembled a dancer in mid air.


Two pieces attached only at the base.  This gives a feeling of movement through the piece.

Scarlet Trident

Carob is a rare wood, and it is known for its bright red color.  This is what attracted me to this piece originally.  Cutting out the parts of the wood that were distressed, this trident form revealed itself.


This piece started with a curved piece of pine, then cut to create a zig zag up to the top where a round disc sits, painted in a redish hue.  A sun, an object on the crest of a wave?  Free standing, larger then most pieces I have created.

Escape a Troubled World

A political statement about the world of 2017.  This piece of Avocado wood had limited carving to created the final shape.  The world, a small burnt piece of Birch, is traveling up a natural made channel in the wood.  The figure was a limb of the trunk, also burned, hands up, is attempting to escape the chaos.

Run Through It

This piece is made from one piece of Redwood.  Cut, routed, ground and finally finished sanded by hand.  The final finish is an oil modified Polyurethane Resin, then waxed with steel wool.  It begs to be touched.


This piece was made of various wood, with all the white pieces of the exact same length.  The widths of the pieces vary.  Starting with each piece that is connected by two dowels and glue.  It is free standing.  The two spheres are stained Birch, and the single dark piece is African Mahogany, finished in a clear coat.


This piece was influenced by Edward Munch paintings.  The slender forms of people created a group that could be a family, with the youngest not yet formed.

Study in Motion

This piece was made from two large Padouk wood pieces.  Padouk is a rare wood that is imported from South America, and purchased locally in Carlsbad at a wood importer.

The pieces are attached in 3 places with Birch spheres that were stained to match the overall piece.  The spheres add stability, as well as adding to the motion of the structure.