« The Proposal Flying »


Medium:Walnut on Black Accacia Base
Dimensions:9”W x 6”D x 24 1/2”H
Edition Number:1

This piece was driven by the wood, as most of my pieces originate.  I do not work in Walnut often, but I was gifted these pieces, but they were smaller then the wood I usually work with.  Pondering what to do with this, I wanted to give the pieces a human look, with a flow of what could be dresses on the bodies.  Naming the piece would always be an issue, but I elected to look at my family, having three daughters, the name “Daughters” emerged. 

The edges are hard, not the normally soft smooth edge I usually give my work.  The shadows the piece throws adds to its personality.  The base, and the Walnut, are finished in a clear polyurethane resin. These are hardwoods, and the weight of the piece can be deceptive.  It gives the symbolic piece a feeling of permanence. 

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