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Heavens Stairway

Medium:Painted Wood hangers
Dimensions:45”H x 18”W x 18”D
Edition Number:303

Made of 74 wooden hangers, each painted with gloss white on one side, and gloss black on the other.  They are attached to a single threaded steel rod that runs the length of the sculpture.  Also, wood dowels were added in the center for increased stability. 

The piece was initially built 15 years ago for an artist challenge in Santa Clarita, CA.  A group of artists were assigned stores in the local mall, and were to build a sculpture to represent the store. I was assigned the White House Black Market women’s clothing store.  I elected to use store materials for my composition, rather then the clothes they stock in the store. 

The piece was not purchased by the store, and has been in a private collection for all this time.  Due to the original construction, absent the dowels, the piece became unstable and was returned to the artist.  Now the piece lives again in its original form. 

In the construction of all my pieces a certain amount of engineering is required to make sure the piece is structurally sound, and the the finish of each piece will stand the test of time.  This piece is one of its kind, and another sculpture with this design has not been attempted.  

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