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Silent Symphony

Medium:Torrey Pine on Ambrosia Maple base. Brass rod highlights
Dimensions:26”H x 22”W x 13”D
Edition Number:294

The second in a series based on a form of an abstract musical instrument.  Each in the series is made of a different wood species.  Silent Symphony is made from a unique piece of Torrey Pine, which is an endangered tree that is only found in the San Diego region.  It was milled locally by a facility that sells local fallen lumber. 

The wood has a unique grain structure, and this piece also has some unique cutting marks that were made when it was cut from the tree.  Normally I would have ground off the cut marks, but they created and interesting mark along one side of the piece. The base is made of Ambrosia Maple, an attractive light colored wood that was purchased in another local wood store.  The entire piece was finished in a special non-yellowing polyurethane.  The finish will insure the light colored wood will keep its brilliance over the years.  

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