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Spanish Dancer aka “Door to Nowhere” or “Exit”

Dimensions:76”H x 19”W x 14”D
Edition Number:#276

This piece is made of 90% recycled wood.  Such a troubled time in our history, from war to pandemics.  It has come out in this piece as the vibrant red color, punctuated by the black pieces representing burned out property, and in the case of the pandemic, people that have died.  Not to be meant as a negative piece, the artist has added a doorway out of the chaos.  Most of the curved lines add a contemporary flow for the eye to follow, with the door in a natural wood, with the black stairs leading up to the opening.  

Coming up with a name for this piece, it was originally called “Spanish Dancer”, but upon further examination two alternative names were considered; “Door to Nowhere” and “Exit”.  The one chosen can be a reflection on the viewer’s perception of the meaning of the piece. 

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