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Symbolic Strings

Medium:Walnut on Bocote base, with brass rods
Dimensions:33”H x 17”W x 6”D
Edition Number:296

This is the third in a series that is based on a musical instrument influence.  The piece is made of a piece of walnut, showing the live edge of the wood on the back side.  Each of the pieces has its own unique personality, as different as the wood species themselves. 

As I searched for different shapes of wood, it surprised me to find similar shapes in various species.  Most of my wood pieces are found in local wood stores around the northern San Diego county area.  That was the case in this instance, purchased from JNilsonDesigns in Oceanside, CA. This wood supplier mills their own wood from local fallen trees, and has been a terrific source in finding unique shaped woods. 

The base was purchased from a unique wood supplier in Carlsbad named Tropical Exotic Hardwoods of Latin America.  Bocote is a wood that has heartwood very similar in color to the Walnut that is mounted on top of it. That was the reason I chose this wood for the base.  The sap wood is lighter in color, and I think it complements the lighter color of wood in the Walnut that I carved out in the making of the piece.  

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