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Tai Chi

Medium:Blond mahogany, poplar dowel with stained birch ball
Dimensions:38H 13W 6D
Edition Number:282

The piece was originally completed in 2019, then I changed the color of the dowel to black, and added the metal strip.  I never liked the original title, and that may have influenced me to rework the piece slightly. 

I love the new title of the piece, it suggests a pose of a person performing Tai Chi. The ball signifies the core of the person, with the outstretched arms and balancing on one leg.

This piece was started from a cast off piece of blond mahogany, cut from a much larger piece of wood.  The thin parts of the piece are partially stabilized by the dowel that runs through the top. Most of my work has a structural challenge to overcome before completion. I had completed another piece of the same design, and the piece broke in two at the very thin curvature.

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