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Wild Eye

Medium:Carved Fir on a base of Torrey Pine
Dimensions:30”H x 8”W x 8”D
Edition Number:Catalog# 270

Douglas Fir is a common construction grade material.  When a friend of mine told me he had some wood for me to use, it was to my surprise that the pieces were Fir.  The difference with this wood, it is extremely old, and the wood has a very unique strong scent, like aged wine barrels.  It was fun creating this piece, especially after working with very hard wood.  Although Fir is not considered a soft wood, like say Cedar, it is not as hard as Birch, or the Primavera species. I had fun carving the piece into a unique piece of art. 

I started with this piece by carving out the knot that ran through it.  And that contributed to the name of the piece.  It is mounted on a piece of Torrey Pine, a very unique wood that only grows off the coast of San Diego, and in SD County.  It was milled by a local wood mill that specializes in local fallen trees. The piece is finished with a non yellowing polyurethane that I purchased from a supplier in the southern US. 

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